The Body As Pleasure

Today sees the release of our debut album, The Body As Pleasure, released on TTWD Records.

The Body As Pleasure is undeniably cool. It strikes a balance between carefully constructed melody and unhinged intensity, proving what Swans and the Jesus Lizard have been telling us all for decades: you don’t have to be metal to be heavy…while most bands claim to have “tons of influences,” very few integrate a full spectrum of sounds into their work, and actually make them work…Rat The Magnificent have established a unique and compelling template for a rock band, and the possibilities are endless.”
[Invisible Oranges]

“Magnificence may be an unwise bar to set, but damn they get pretty close.” [Hey Nineteen]

“Right from the off it’s clear that this is a band that dabbles primarily in higher volumes and sonic might…Rat The Magnificent have birthed an often unsettling and frenzied world in their ten track introduction – one that lingers in the mind well beyond the first listen. 8/10” [God Is In The TV]

Recorded over the course of three years with Brad Hemsell, ‘The Body As Pleasure’ also features huge range of inimitable guest musicians, who add even further depth and dynamics to the record. Guests include: Ian Catskilkin (Future Of The Left, Art Brut), Jen Macro (MBV, Graham Coxon, Charlotte Hatherly, Hurtling), Stephen Gilchrist (Graham Coxon, The Damned, The Cardiacs, Vic and Bob), Jeff Fairley (Cheel Ghar) and Caroline Gilchrist (Hot Sauce Pony).

We’ve put The Body As Pleasure on vinyl, which is available to buy via TTWD Records.

It’s also available to stream and download on all the usual sites, bandcamp, soundcloud and spotify included.

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