Rat the Magnificent are a heady mix of obstinance and oblivion. The overlapping of a Venn diagram: Jesus Lizard, Sally Bowles, MBV/Slint & Son House and you’re in the right borough. And like all the good drinks, the whiskey, the coffee, you need balance in strength. The core trio of Anderson’s open blasted guitar checks primitive tradition and bleed into Davies’ evangelical bass and Dodridge’s fervent drum rhythms, providing a bed for Anderson to belie his vocals.

The oldest story. We’re not saying they ain’t hard work, but nothing good comes without that. No one fucks good without sweating.

Perry M. Anderson [Family Manderson, Sunshine Republic, KLLR, Modern Men, JFO]

Ross Davies [Hot Sauce Pony, Modern Men, Brenda, The Feral Text]

Anna Dodridge [Hot Sauce Pony, Family Manderson, JFO, DYWO]


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