6th May 2019
Brixton Windmill
Damnably w/Drinking Girls & Boys Choir, Ghost Car
facebook event link

28th May 2019
East Steet Tap Brighton
w/ Pascagoula, Big Brave and My Disco
facebook event link

29th May 2019
Bar’Hic Rennes FRANCE
w/ Pascagoula

30th May 2019
Les 3 Pieces, Rouen FRANCE
w/ Pascagoula

31th May 2019
La Petroleuse, Caen FRANCE
w/ Pascagoula and Surya Bonaly
facebook event link

1st June 2019
Magasin 4, Brussels BELGIUM
w/ Pascagoula and Dewaere
facebook event link

2nd June 2019
The Windmill, London
w/ Pascagoula, Modern Technology and Matters
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26th April 2019
The Flapper, Birmingham
Die Das Der w/ Frauds, Forever in Debt, WMN
Facebook event link

27th April 2019
Mother’s Ruin, Bristol
Calamity Cratediggers #9 w/ Frauds, KLS
Facebook event link

28th April 2019
Elsewhere, Margate
Connect Nothing with Nothing, w/Frauds, Screen Wives
Facebook event link

13th February 2019
Shacklewell Arms, London
w/ Strange Cages, Loose Tongues
Facebook event link

10th February 2019
Shooting Star, Southampton
w/ Workin’ Man Noise Unit, Bitterman
Facebook event link

9th February 2019
Dubrek, Derby
w/ Workin’ Man Noise Unit, Night Stages
Facebook event link

8th February 2019
The Moon, Cardiff
w/ Workin’ Man Noise Unit, Slow Murder, Obey Cobra
Facebook event link

26th January 2019
Urban Bar, Whitechapel, London
Facebook event link

9th December 2018
The Pipeline, Brighton
w/ Workin’ Man Noise Unit, Typical Hunks, Codices, Horseflies, Knifed Out of Existence, Zombie Crash, SQUIG
Facebook event link

5th September 2018
Windmill, Brixton
w/ Horace, Human Leather & Hurtling
Facebook event link

2nd September 2018
The Pipeline, Brighton
w/ I’m Being Good, Pascagoula, Human Leather, Aerosol Jesus, Sobek, Ill in Pain, Hell Beings, Pale World
Facebook event link

1st September 2018 – AFTERNOON SHOW!!
The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool
w/ The Revelation, Ludo Vico, Nine Worlds, Operate, Silver Severity

1st September 2018
Crowley’s Rock Bar, Swansea
w/ Ravenbreed, Black Tree Vultures, Excursia

31st August 2018
The Northern Quarter, Huddersfield
w/ Wot Gorrila, Laffmad

30th August 2018
Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
w/ Fauxchisels, Wax Futures
Facebook event link

29th July 2018
Windmill, Brixton
w/ Stephen Evens, Vienna Ditto, Young Saw Bones
Facebook event link

17th May 2018
Black Dove, Brighton
w/ Sweet Williams, Casual Nun & more
Facebook event link

11th May 2018
The Corner House, Cambridge
w/ Hulkenberg, Newts
Facebook event link

5th May 2018
Bar 57, Pershore
w/ Steven Evens

21st April 2018
Brixton Hill Studios
w/ Ham Legion, Tommy and Mary

Hello Goodbye Show, Resonance FM
Listen to the live session online:

31st March 2018
Die Das Der Yr Welcome Fest
The Wagon & Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham
w/ Yr Poetry, You Dirty Blue, Nasty Little Lonely, Fun Sponge, Owte, Hulkenburg

16th February 2018
West End Centre, Aldershot
w/ Adam Betts, Parachute For Gordo, Joe Booley

13th February 2018
Shooting Star, Southampton
w/ Wall / Hack Job

27th January 2017
The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
w/ Mainline

21st October 2017
Mothers Ruin, Bristol
w/ John
Facebook Event Link

5th August 2017
Brixton Windmill, London
w/ The St Pierre Snake Invasion, Frauds, Gaygirl & more
Facebook Event Link

3rd August 2017
Nambucca, London
w/ The Stephen Evens / They Uncultured

27th May 2017
The Fighting Cocks, Kingston
w/ Piano Wire, They Uncultured, Dexy and the Handmedowns , W*llstonecraft
Facebook Event Link

24th March 2017
Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton
w/ Horseflies, Human Leather
Facebook Event Link

12th March 2017
The Hobbit, Southampton
w/ Idles
Facebook Event Link

16th November 2016
The Windmill, Brixton
w/ Casusal Nun, Newts, Egghead

19th October 2016
The Windmill, Brixton
w/ Frauds, Temple Steps, Wreck

9th October 2016
Anvil, Bournemouth
w/ Idles, The Dirty Dead, Holy Dispute

26th August 2016
Hoodoos, Croydon
w/ Clever Thing, Bug Eye, Here Be Monsters

30th July 2016
The Windmill, Brixton
w/ Hot Sauce Pony

2nd June 2016
The Windmill, Brixton
w/ Mouths

2nd April 2016
The Firehouse, Southampton
w/ Morass of Molasses, Victorian Whore Dogs, Slug13

2nd April 2015
Hello Goodbye Show Live session
Resonance FM, London
w/ Bat Bike

12th December 2015
Anvil, Bournemouth
w/ Ohhms, Old Man Lizard, Greenhorn

3rd December 2015
The Garage, London
w/ Mcluskey*, USA Nails

29th November 2015
The Windmill, London
w/ Cheel Ghar, Hot Sauce Pony, Gears, Creepy Neighbour, A Life Time With Mercury

22nd November 2015
Boston Music Room, London
w/ Steak Number Eight

30th October 2015
Devil’s Night
the Firehouse, Southampton
w/ Donkerkarnuffel

26th October 2015
The Windmill, Brixton
w/ We Came From Wolves, Gears

17th October 2015
Poison Apple, Bournemouth
w/ Between the Void

30th April 2015
Open Your Skull XII
Power Lunches, London
w/ Working Man Noise Unit, Fickle Twin, Choice Apparel

1st May 2015
the Firehouse, Southampton
w/ OHHMS, Greenhorn, Gutlocker

23rd May 2015
Anvil, Bournemouth
w/ the Nepalese Temple Ball, Strank, Cheel Ghar

11th April 2015
the Old Baths, Hackney Wick
w/ Black Swarm, Allfather, loads of other people…

9th April 2015
the Anvil, Bournemouth
w/ Cheel Ghar, Black Swarm, Art of Burning Water

12th February 2015
the George Tavern
w/ Cat Videos, Cat Bear Tree

24th January 2015
Fighting Cocks, Kingston upon Thames
w/ The Fades, Abdoujaparov, The Marksmen

Review: We are Raw Meat

14th November 2014
Fort II, Wommelgem, Belgium
w/ The Melting Snowman, Muddler, Desert Cruiser

27th July 2014
The Windmill, Brixton, London
w/ Local Girls, Sivu, The West Midlands, The Sly Persuaders, Saint Agnes, The Marksmen, Ham Legion, Preys of Tigress

26th July 2014
Anvil, Bournemouth
w/ Strangle Wank, Cheel Ghar, HM Champions League

9th April 2014
The Workshop, Old Street, London
w/ Harry Violet & the Sharks, Blowfunkle, Nick Varey’s Bad Moon Band, Evelyn Cools

21st March 2014
Anvil, Bournemouth
w/ Indian, Nepalese Temple Ball, Furyborn, Dead Trails

7th March 2014
Anvil, Bournemouth
w/ Turbogeist, County Trials, The Crash Landings and Xander And The Keys

6th March 2014
The Good Ship, Kilburn, London
w/ Charlies Barnes, Battleship Grey and Black Swarm

1st February 2014
The Shakespeare, Sheffield
w/ Gilmore Trail, Fly On Byrd, Fly on, Desert Motel Club

27th October 2013
New Cross Inn, London
w/ wankers

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