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CHEERS to everyone about the place

We’ve been about the place doing some shows – we brought out a couple of new tunes. As always we’re fully grateful for everyone’s hospitality. We are still working on our album and we’ve got a few more shows coming up before XMAS, mostly in London. Here’s some photos from


Massive cheers to everyone who came & saw us play at Power Lunches, & Southampton this weekend. Hope you enjoyed the parking banter as much as we did. We were particularly fond of sharing the stage with Fickle Twin, Workin’ Man Noise Unit & OHHMS, check them out if you

busy busy busy

We’ve been having an exciting old time in the Rat camp. We’ve been recording bits and bobs for our record, giving the ever-working Brad Hemsell even more to do. This included hiring out a Village Hall, and bringing along one of the TTWD family to bust out some symphonic guitar

Thanks South West London!

We had a good start to 2K15 by doing what we love to do, writing more songs and playing a gig with our friends. The Fighting Cocks showing that the rock pub lives on, and that soundguys are sound guys. We’re currently editing a bit of video from the show

We love Antwerp!

Eurotunnel : driving a car onto a train, inside a tunnel. Meta. In Antwerp we almost saw Santa and we rode on a wooden escalator. And we played a show in a real life fort, with some very wonderful Belgians who fed us free beer all night. Good One Belgium!


Thank you to everyone who came out to see us this weekend. We got to play with some of our pals in Bournemouth, followed by South London’s finest Brixton Windmill for the Local Girls AGM. We’ve also been informed that our EP is coming back from mastering in Berlin very

Thanks to everyone who came down for Indian show

Between having mobile phone parties at practice we’ve been writing the new album. Low Impulse Control EP is very nearly done. Playing at in Old Street, London on Wednesday.  

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