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New Video for Marrtalon

If a visual album release is good enough for Qween Bey it’s good enough for us. So here’s our latest release from our debut album The Body As Pleasure (available on stream, download and VINYL). This is Marrtalon:


The shortest fucking day in the year, because fuck the sun. Here’s our single, In The Middle, released on TTWD Records. The first single from our forthcoming ALBUM The Body as Pleasure, backed by some b-sides recorded with Jen Macro on guitar. You can listen to it on bandcamp and

Three videos

Thanks to the wonderful Frauds for having us on their Sunburn all dayer at the Brixton Windmill last month. Here’s a video shot by Paul Maps of Joyzine. This one was shot a while back but haven’t put it here. By the excellent Riff Underground. And the course we worked

Thanks to Sonic Grave and The Windmill for having us

You can see a video of us at this show thanks to Riff Underground, so thanks to them for capturing us in all our glory.

Low Impulse Control teaser video

Our first EP, Low Impulse Control is so close you can feel it sneaking up behind you.

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