CHEERS to everyone about the place

We’ve been about the place doing some shows – we brought out a couple of new tunes. As always we’re fully grateful for everyone’s hospitality.

We are still working on our album and we’ve got a few more shows coming up before XMAS, mostly in London.

Here’s some photos from our Halloween fun in Southampton (don’t mention the foota…) THANK YOU to Charlotte Stansbury, you can see more photos on her fb page


Massive cheers to everyone who came & saw us play at Power Lunches, & Southampton this weekend. Hope you enjoyed the parking banter as much as we did.

We were particularly fond of sharing the stage with Fickle Twin, Workin’ Man Noise Unit & OHHMS, check them out if you don’t know them already because they were all fucking rad.

Big thanks to Steve & Ferdie of Open Your Skull, and to Greenhorn for hosting us.

We’re cracking on with the record, we’re at the stage of making lots of weird noises and trying out our very best beefheart-inspired ideas, always the most fun bit.
We’ve also been hanging out with our label mates Cheel Ghar making spooky videos in the countryside.

Here’s some pictures of #bandlife. Carrying around heavy gear is my current favourite activity.

gear touring 11148625_10153257677491942_4418831970171903080_n

And finally, a matter very dear to our hearts, we’re CHAMPIONS.

busy busy busy

We’ve been having an exciting old time in the Rat camp.

We’ve been recording bits and bobs for our record, giving the ever-working Brad Hemsell even more to do. This included hiring out a Village Hall, and bringing along one of the TTWD family to bust out some symphonic guitar noises to feature on one of the tracks. We love to share.

rat village hall

rat pano

We played shows in Dorset and London with our Belgian buddies Black Swarm. These resulted in chaos and hangovers but we completely loved playing these shows, everyone was RAD. Thanks to Art of Burning Water for fitting us into their tour schedule.

rat 3

We now have shows coming up in Southampton, Bournemouth and London.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, turning up, buying us shots, and keeping us entertained